GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment

“Are you feeling ok?” “You look tired.” If you’re a busy mom or business woman, you’re probably a little tired of hearing you "look worn out". It’s not easy to fit in an extra few hours of sleep into our busy lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to look like we’ve been up all night! With GlamGlow Brightmud eye treatment, you don’t need to add hours of sleep to your schedule to achieve that well rested look. 

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This revolutionary tap-on/wipe-off eye brightening mud is a miracle for anyone with puffy, dry, and tired eyes. Using natural bioactive ingredients, this facial mask instantly smooths fine lines and diminishes dark circles, leaving your eyes brighter and more hydrated. Each of the 12 single-use packets have two compartments, one for each eye, but we’ve found that one pod contains more than enough for both eyes. This way, each package includes 24 treatments! The eye mask is gently patted on the delicate under-eye area, and then left on the skin for three minutes.

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 The mask is then removed without the use of water, leaving a micro layer of active ingredients that continue to penetrate the skin for up to 20 minutes providing extended brightening results.

Before & After

Before & After


It’s crucial that the mud be removed without the use of water, so that the bioactive formula can continue to work its magic. This formula contains:  

 Nitroffeine – a powerful combination of six caffeine sources. Caffeine works to improve your skin in 3 primary ways; as an antioxidant fighting the future signs of ageing, as a diuretic that temporarily smooths the appearance of skin, and as a vasoconstrictor (a reducer of puffiness and dark circles caused by vasodilation.  

 Juvalene - a new cocktail of radical anti-ageing molecules unique to GlamGlow. Designed to activate Retinol-like activity that smooths and plumps fine lines, eliminating puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Peppermint Leaf - The time-release TEAOXI technology continually delivers fresh peppermint deep into the skin to de-puff eyes. These cool and refreshing natural actives target signs of fatigue, giving a noticeable, super bright finish.

 We all want to get more rest and relaxation at night, but our hectic lives often make that impossible. We can’t make more time in your day, but we can help you leave those tired eyes behind! Thanks to GlamGlow, everyone will think you’ve had your 8 hours of beauty sleep and are ready to take on the world.

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