4 Reasons It's Always Pedicure Season

Flip-flop season may have ended, but that doesn’t mean Pedicure season is over as well! When you’re sliding your feet into closed toed shoes and heavy boots, it’s important to remember that pedicures do more than just make your feet beautiful. A proper pedicure is a great way to improve the health and wellness of your feet year round. Now that it’s boot season, it is even more important to ensure your feet are at their very best! Here are a few reasons to treat your feet all year round:


 1. Prevent and treat calluses and corns – Calluses and corns are hardened, built up layers of dry flakey skin. Left alone, this dry skin can crack and bleed, which can increase the risk of infections. Regular pedicures will keep corns and calluses at bay, and keep feet soft and smooth.  

2. Promote healthy toenails – Winter boots and heavy socks can be quite compressing on the feet. Toenails that are not trimmed regularly grow too long and can become ingrown from the pressure of shoes. Regular trimming and fling will prevent this and leave you with strong, healthy nails. This is especially important for runners, exercise enthusiasts, and diabetics.


3. Nurture healthier skin and joints- Pedicures always begin with a spa foot soak.  This softens the skin and promotes circulation in your lower leg, ankle and foot while disinfecting your feet.  The increased circulation will reduce pain and swelling in your feet from sitting, standing, and walking all day. 

4. Relieve stress – A foot massage feels great and reduces stress, but also helps to ease tight muscles. The increased blood flow created by massage brings oxygen to the tissues of the feet and legs, reducing swelling and improving joint mobility. 

It’s easy to forget how much stress our feet undergo during our day to day life. Just think about how much you use your feet in a day. All this use and pressure tends to cause problems such as calluses, corns, ingrown toenails or other issues. A proper pedicure can help solve these problems, leaving your feet healthy and beautiful! Here at Beautifully Polished, our expert nail technicians will not only do wonders with your feet and nails, they’ll make your pedicure an unforgettably relaxing experience for any time of year. The relaxation and health benefits aren’t the only reasons to get pedicures in the winter months, Click here to learn how we pamper your feet this time of year!