Victorian Fashion with a Twist

One of the most interesting fashion trends to hit the runway this year is Victoriana. Using feminine lacy accents, high collars, cinched waists and tiered flouncy skirts, Victoriana brings 19th century chic, romantic, girlish charm to your wardrobe. Take a peek in fashion magazines and blogs and you’ll find this trend all over the runway. Here is how to embrace the runway while toning it down to a wearable, day-to-day style. 

Streamline the silhouette

Choose one element to highlight (we chose lace)

Photo Sep 22, 8 52 28 AM.jpg

Here Kerry wears a high collar but keeps it refined and simple instead of adding more volume with extra ruffles and embellishments.

This clean structured blazer with peplum detail accentuates the waist

Photo Sep 22, 8 52 19 AM.jpg

Anchor the look with clean, simple accessories, instead of lace up embellished boots choose a classic black boot.


To enhance the romance of the Victorian era, Kerry has kept the eye makeup minimal and neutral, you can recreate the look using Jane Iredale’s eye shadow palates in daytime, perfectly nude or sweet spot shadow trio paired with Purelash lengthening mascara to define the lashes. A sheer wash of cream blush is applied to the cheeks with a fan brush. Make sure to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone, chemistry is one of our favorites.

Photo Sep 22, 8 50 51 AM.jpg

A berry or wine lip color completes the look, we love fetish lip stain paired with black cherry lip gloss from Jane Iredale. Another fantastic option would be Katerina lipstick or the new lip crayon for fall in luscious. 

Now you’re ready to take this high fashion off the runway and incorporate it into your fall look!

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