#WCW Jo Buxton

This week we're crushing on our amazing photographer and social media coordinator, Jo Buxton! 

Jo has loved living in Washington all her life, whether it's Bainbridge, Poulsbo, or Spokane. After graduating from college, she moved back to this side of the state because she missed the water and the mountains. Kerry's daughter and Jo's sister have been best friends for a very long time, so Jo knew Kerry long before they started working together. When Kerry asked Jo to fill in at the front desk, she jumped at the chance to learn valuable skills from a strong female business owner. Her favorite part about working at Beautifully Polished is the opportunities she has to improve herself and her work. Kerry holds her to high standards, and it motivates her to improve even more. 

She loves using her skills in design and photography in her work, even if it wasn't her profession she would still be passionate about her artistic pursuits. They aren't just limited to photography and design, she also loves painting and drawing as well. When she's not focusing on artistic creation, Jo loves to play games. Whether it's board games or video games, she loves them all. When she's not playing games, Jo loves to be on the water. Though she doesn't get out there as much as she'd like, she loves to sail, kayak and canoe whenever the weather allows. 

When it comes to her nails, Jo prefers dark colors. She loves gel polish especially because it holds up to the beating she puts her hands through. They even held up through a weekend of shrimping! 

If you see a picture of our gorgeous nails, it's a safe bet that Jo was the artist behind the lens, so like the picture and share it with all your friends!