#WCW Ruthie Hawley

This week we're crushing on one of our favorite bloggers from Poulsbo, Ruthie Hawley. Better known online as The Wild Carrot! 

Born and raised in Poulsbo, Ruthie remains connected to her roots in the Pacific Northwest. Her blog TreesandWomen.com tackles how she handles living life as a modern, environmentally conscious woman. She is dedicated to sharing her favorite sustainable products and trends that allow her to live well without sacrificing style, function or beauty. Environmental issues have weighed heavy on Ruthie ever since she read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Since her "environmental awakening", Ruthie has been trying to negotiate ways in which she can live sustainably while still maintaining her style and modernity and is eager to share her story. 

Here at Beautifully Polished we love Ruthie's commitment to not just making herself and her followers feel more beautiful inside and out, but to accomplish all that without harming the environment. We know her passion for eco-friendly fashion as well as style will lead her to even more amazing things down the road and we can't wait to see what she'll do next!