#WCW Simone Williamson

This week we're crushing on one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Simone Williamson of Kiki Simone Fashion! Simone is a local Seattle blogger Kerry had the pleasure of meeting at a fashion event. She has a unique sense of style and is a wonderful representative of Northwest fashion.

Check out how she mixes a leopard trapper with a plaid vest and winter boots:

Ever since she began her blog in 2013, Simone has been impressing us with her inventive and stylish outfits and we absolutely love her work! Make sure to bookmark her Blog!

Whether she's showing off the perfect outfit to strut on the Vegas strip, or showing her readers how to look cute while staying cozy and comfortable, her taste in fashion is always on point. If you're looking to update your wardrobe or just want to see what's in style, visit Simone at her Blog and follow her on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram