#WCW Jeanette Tucker

This week we're crushing on an amazing local distiller and all around incredible woman, Jeanette Tucker!

Before opening their distillery, Jeanette and her husband Dave were talented home brewers making beer for their friends and family. But it was more than a hobby for Jeanette. She decided to follow her passion and dive into the world of craft distilling. Her devotion and commitment to the product is found in every bottle, whether it's Tucker's corn vodka, wheat vodka or corn whiskey. A woman with her talent and drive to create an amazing local business is more than enough reason to crush on her… And, crush hard! The fact that she's so exuberant and fun is just the cherry on top! If you want to sample some of Tucker Distillery's fantastic alcohol (and we suggest that you do) visit their website, or better yet, drop in to their tasting room!