#WCW Kristin Jagodzinske

This week we're crushing on one of our favorite local businesswomen, Kristin Jagodzinske of Flicka! 

Flicka is one of our favorite places to shop in Downtown Poulsbo, and it's all due to Kristin's phenomenal fashion sense. In a small city ours, it's refreshing to have a store that is so fashion forward and stylish! No matter your age, personal style, or budget, Kristin has the talent and intuition to find the outfit that looks like it was made for you. Before she was even thinking about using her stylistic skills in her career Kristin loved to help her friends shop, filling their closets with clothing that made them look spectacular no matter their size or shape. When some of her college friends were looking for someone to buy chic, west coast style clothes to fill their newly opening boutique, Kristin was the first person they asked. With her work in the fashion industry and her creation of the popular "P'BO" stickers, Kristin decided she had enough experience to create a business of her own. When retail space opened up on Front Street, she jumped at the chance and Flicka was born!  

When she's not finding you the perfect outfit, you can probably find her shuttling one of her five children to or from a sport. When she needs to relax from her busy life as a devoted mother, wife, and business owner, she gets on her paddle-board and paddles along the shore of Liberty Bay. If you're having trouble finding that perfect outfit, or just need some new style ideas, hop on in to Flicka.