Jane Iredale

Keep an eye out for our favorite makeup company, Jane Iredale, featured in these publications: 

Harper’s Bazaar is currently featuring jane iredale in the May issue! Within the “Fabulous at Every Age” section, the new White Tea PureGloss Lip Gloss is showcased in the “60s” portion which features a round-up of the best cosmetics, clothing, “classic jewelry and luxe extras” to “elevate neutrals.” 

The May issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life shares PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation and a quote from Jane in the article, “The World’s Gentlest Makeup.” 

The article includes products and expert tips to navigate makeup when you have sensitive or reactive skin. It includes a gorgeous shot of three PurePressed Base shades, including our new, deeper shades. 

The write up touts mineral foundation as a smart option for sensitive skin. The copy speaks to our products stating, mineral powder foundation made from micronized zinc and titanium dioxide is naturally bacteria resistant, fragrance-free and paraben free and, as a bonus, the formulas provide sun protection. Jane is also quoted explaining the proper application method for mineral foundation, advising readers to “nix a cakey look by spritzing a facial mist over your powder.”

We love seeing the fashion and health world so excited about a brand that we love to use. Drop by the salon and try it for yourself today!