#WCW Angela Scott

This week we're crushing on Angela Scott!


Angela is the owner of one of our favorite restaurants in Historic Downtown Poulsbo, Sogno Di Vino. We are adore her and the business she's built. Having worked in the restaurant industry for over 25 years, Angela's passion for Italian food and wine is unmatched.

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest with her husband and co-owner of Sogno, Rob Scott, Angela owned two Italian restaurants in Southern California. While she loved California, Angela missed the seasons she used to experience growing up in the Midwest. Scott is originally from the Pacific Northwest, and after visiting they decided to move to the Poulsbo area. Angela and Rob are not ones to stray from their passion for long so they decided to start a new restaurant near their new home. After seeing the gorgeous patio and exposed brick of the building that would become Sogno, they knew that it was the perfect place for them to build the restaurant of their dreams. Not only is it one of our favorite restaurants, but their wine cellar is always stocked with some of the best wine from around the Northwest and the world. Angela picks every bottle herself, and her expertise has never led us astray.

Even if Angela didn't have the best wine cellar in town, we'd still love to go there just to hang out with a woman so sweet, genuine and fun. So next time you finish up with your appointment with us, visit Angela and treat yourself with a glass of vino at Sogno and experience her hospitality for yourself!